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Programmatic Advertising Services

Prepare for a Future That’s Programmatic.

Programmatic advertising that is trackable, transparent, and has measurable impact on brand awareness and actual sales. Our programmatic strategists will find new ways to make your budget go farther by building a bespoke solution for your business, on everything from display ads to Connected TV. It’s time to find your tribe – on budget, and on brand.

Programmatic Media Planning

We generate and use quality first party data, and buy in premium third party audience data curated from some of the world’s best data providers to ensure the right audience will receive the right message and take action.

What We Do

Display & Video

Optimization of Display, Video, and Native advertising audiences, placements, and performance.

Connected TV

TV advertising where you choose the audience, the way it should be. Work with partners like Hulu, Roku, and more.

Programmatic Audio

Connect with your audience using intimate placements on Spotify, Pandora, and major podcast networks.

Digital Out-of-Home

Deliver your ads during commutes, conferences, and other key moments when your buyer need.


Our PPC campaigns are conversion-focused, meaning that we don’t measure success in visibility or clicks. PPC only works when the right traffic is being driven to your site, so we measure our success on the bottom line – conversions.

Our methods of managing paid advertising for our clients are tried and tested, so much so that we utilise it ourselves to acquire clients. We will manage your advertising budget with as much care and diligence as we do our own, so you can rest assured your account will be in safe hands.

What We Do

Audience Planning

Reach your 1st-party audiences along with quality 3rd-party audiences from partners like Google, Amazon, and more options required.

Media Planning & Buying

Kipzer media plans designed for your brand. Access to premium placements with direct deals.

Fraud & Brand Safety

Activate exclusion and inclusion lists while bringing in the best technology partners to maximize your budget.

Performance Tracking

Implement attribution, show incremental lift, and optimize your performance by audience, placement, and partner.

Just Getting Started with Programmatic?

For any marketer who’s looking to dive into programmatic media for the first time, use our primer to help build a successful strategy. 

Connected TV (CTV) Advertising

TV audiences aren’t what they used to be, and that’s a good thing. With a higher share of TV viewers watching on multiple platforms and formats, programmatic TV via over-the-top (OTT) services is now the premier way to reach them.
Go beyond “demographics” – deliver ads only to households who are active in your market, or to audiences that look just like your ideal customer. Run tests to optimize in real time, create a brand breakthrough with a fresh message, or make a splash with a new product or market. Give your brand the showcase it deserves with a more sophisticated and efficient approach than the competition.

Right Here

The Bottom Line: Measuring Programmatic

Programmatic media plans succeed or fail on the ability to demonstrate real business impact. With the performance-obsessed team at Metric Theory, that’s what you get – better understanding of how your programmatic investment is influencing awareness, interest, and sales.

Programmatic Display Services

We buy media at scale for our clients to achieve visibility in front of the right user, at the right time, on the right device. This is achieved through complex campaign planning and access to the right tools for the job, including Google’s leading Display & Video 360 platform.

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Our Specialized Digital Marketing Services in Delhi · Search Engine Optimization (SEO) · Social Media Marketing (SMM) · Pay-Per-Click (PPC) · Display Advertising.

Ad Creation

Your investment in programmatic advertising will broaden awareness of your brand. We’re one of the few agencies out there that has an in-house design team dedicated to making your creative concept a reality. We’re able to create engaging, animated banner adverts designed to suit your programmatic strategy.


Remarketing is an excellent way to target users who have already visited your site as they browse the web, encouraging them to revisit and convert. We can use programmatic’s highly segmented audience targeting to re-attract your most valuable potential customers, developing your strategy around your best opportunities for results.


Data is at the core of every programmatic display campaign and we make sure to share this data with you as part of our reporting process. Our commitment to transparency means you’ll get thorough insight into everything ranging from your campaign’s performance to where your budget is going – no hidden surprises.

Customer-focused and data-driven

We help ecommerce businesses discover new opportunities and implement ways to improve performance and drive the bottom line.

Ecommerce marketing is highly data-driven and we can track how much people spend and how many products they buy, as well as which products they buy and how they get there. This allows us to focus on promoting those items and services that will lead to enhanced performance and increased profit.