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Amazon Marketing


Drive Traffic To Your Amazon Listings

Choosing the right Amazon marketing agency is an important first step in becoming an e-commerce leader, ranking higher than your competition, and producing the sales goals your business is looking for. Brandastic can do just that! Our dedicated team of digital marketing experts has the experience, tools, and resources needed to raise your products up through the Amazon ranks.   

Check out these statistics below to see why having an Amazon advertising & optimization agency on your side is paramount to building growth and revenue on the massive eCommerce platform.

Features of Amazon Marketing Services

Amazon Marketing Services offers numerous opportunities to build more visibility for your brand and products in Amazon search. Marcel Digital will create and optimize store and product pages for your brand, as well as ads, to drive more Amazon prospects and customers to your business.

Sponsored Products

Promote the individual products you sell on Amazon through Amazon Marketing Services. You’ll be able to choose the products you wish to advertise, the keywords and searches you wish to appear for, and the bids you are willing to pay to appear for those searches. When an Amazon searcher conducts a search relevant to your product based on your criteria, they’ll be shown an ad in the results and be taken to your product page when clicked. Whether you want assistance with your current campaign or need to set one up from scratch, we’ve got the team to get it done. Our holistic approach to Amazon marketing brings the skills of our PPC & SEO team together to build a campaign with maximum ROI in mind. We get to know your business from the inside out to help meet your goals and target your products to the correct audience. 

Sponsored Brands 

Amazon Marketing Services also offer Sponsored Brands to increase awareness of your brand and your products. With Sponsored Brands advertising, we are able to build ads that include a branded headline, logo, and product images. Much like Sponsored Products, users will see your Sponsored Brand ads in relevant searches, but then drive to either a dedicated Amazon Store page or product page.Help customers find your products by quickly creating ads that appear in related shopping results and product pages. Sponsored Products generates ads from your product listings and offers automatic targeting so you can start advertising with no experience necessary.

Product Display Ads

These types of ads are product or interest targeted display ads that drive traffic to a product’s detail page. The creative for the campaign is automatically generated through the Amazon ad builder. An advertiser is required to add a custom headline and logo before submitting the ad for review. This is not done through a Google Ads account and is instead done through your seller account so long as products are eligible.

Our Amazon Marketing

Sponsored Products

We develop tailored cost per click ads for your products that appear where your audience is, increasing your visibility and reach.

Sponsored Brands

These specialized advertisements consist of your brand name and 3 product listings, showing up in search results on the top of the page. 

Sponsored Display Ads

These ads appear both on and off Amazon, geared toward customers who are browsing products and pages similar in nature.

Amazon Seo(Search Engine Optimization)

We implement a custom keyword strategy for each of your products, ensuring that you’re driving in relevant traffic that converts.

Why You Should Choose Kipzer As Your Amazon Product Marketing Agency

Increase Your Brand Awareness

Branding has never been more important in marketing than it is now. Our Amazon brand consulting service works to develop customer loyalty and trust with your products. A lasting impression goes a long way.

Drive More Sales

Being able to target your specific audience ensures the highest ROI. Our custom strategies aim to increase your visibility to the customers that are looking for your products.

Improve Your Rankings

When you have a dedicated team of Amazon marketers on your side, the only way your rankings can go is up. Our industry-leading methods are geared to outshine the competition.

Compaign Management

We don’t do the ‘set and forget’ campaign strategy. We constantly monitor your campaign and modify it based on current needs and trends.