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Social Media Marketing

How Social Media Marketing Can Benefit Your Business

Don’t let your competitors surge ahead of you when it comes to your online marketing campaign. Our affordable social media marketing (SMM) services can help you enjoy the great benefits associated with this type of marketing, ensuring fast results at a price you can easily budget into your online marketing campaign.

Social media marketing is important for all businesses today with Facebook having more than 2.3 billion active monthly users, Twitter offering 326 million active users and Instagram having more than a billion active users. With this form of marketing you can reach a wider audience quickly, boosting your brand visibility, increasing website traffic and helping you convert more visitors into customers.

Kipzer Social Media Marketing

Why Video Marketing is Essential to Your Digital Marketing Campaign

Video marketing has increased in popularity and has been identified as one of the most essential digital marketing tools moving forward. While Google still remains the leading search engine of choice, it’s closely followed by YouTube. Web pages that contain video are likely to increase more than 100% increase in their organic traffic. It’s believed that videos will account for just over eighty percent of online traffic moving forward.

It’s a smart marketing move to incorporate video marketing into your digital marketing campaign. Genie Crawl specialises in video advertising, creating engaging videos for all types of campaigns. This can include website marketing, social media marketing and video advertising campaigns.

More than half of customers advise that when they watch an online product video, they can make a more informed decision when it comes to purchasing. 74% of users who made use of video marketing for specific products and services purchased the product.

An interesting fact about video marketing is that it’s more likely to appear on the first page of Google search results, while those watching a video will stay on your site for longer than two minutes and are more than 6% likely to actually make a purchase.

Search engine ranking can increase significantly with how to videos, product videos and company profile videos. Contact our team of experts to find out how we can assist you with your video marketing solutions today.

Benefits of Video Marketing and How Kipzer Can Assist

Our video advertising services are complete services to improve your brand visibility and generate more website traffic, while increasing your conversion rates. Conversion rates are based on the number of visitors that become customers. Every company should be focusing on a high conversion rate when it comes to their digital marketing efforts.

We assist with post production, scriptwriting, editing, video graphic creation YouTube marketing and video earch engine optimisation services. Our content creators can create professional scripts to ensure the best end results. The scripts are based on carefully researched keywords and customer analysis to ensure you achieve great results from your video SEO services.

Video Marketing can be beneficial to your digital marketing campaign by increasing sales and conversion rates. Of course, every business wants to boost their annual online revenue to achieve success. This is made much easier with the assistance of Genie Crawl video marketing services.

Video offers a good return on investment and can be used with different marketing solutions from your website to social media and more. Clients are more likely to trust a brand that offers video marketing. People want to see the product in action before purchasing, this is why more purchasers make use of product videos before making a final decision to purchase.

A very important benefit of embracing video marketing is that the search engines love videos. Developed with carefully researched keywords, we can help you increase your search engine ranking and reach your audience with confidence.


Social media is one of the strongest ways to communicate with your audience. With an unparalleled opportunity to grow a community and share your brand, social platforms have fast become an essential marketing tool for organisations of every description. We provide comprehensive social media management, with regular posts that keep your accounts active and solidify your company branding.


As an experienced paid social media agency, we are experts in delivering highly-targeted paid advertising to suit your company’s unique needs, reach your target audience, and generate wider brand awareness. Our campaigns are built around providing you with the best possible ROI and developing your online community with engaged and relevant followers.

Attract new customers where millions spend their spare time.

Think about it like this. Imagine that your business sells sporty clothing. Well, everyone wears clothes, so should you advertise to everyone? You could, but you might be wasting a lot of money targeting people that have no interest in that style.

Now, imagine if there was a way to target people that specifically like your style of clothing already, so you’re not using resources on people that won’t care. We can do that, by simply finding people that follow a designer that loves sporty clothes or often tweet about them and then showing them an advert for our social media accounts or branding. Sounds good, right?

Well, we can go even deeper. If you have a new sale on women’s clothing in your Manchester branch, then you could specifically target women that live in Manchester. Whether it’s a service you provide in person or products you can ship all over the world, there isn’t a single industry that shouldn’t be utilising social media. 

With our social media team, we can help you do the two main things that businesses should be setting up a Twitter, Facebook or Instagram online presence for: advertise and grow. 

All without forgetting the real reason you have social media accounts set up for your business, which is to:

  • Build your brand
  • Reach your audience
  • Increase your revenue

Let’s take a deeper look at how we can do that for you and the success we’ve found with other small to medium-sized businesses…


Boost brand exposure, customer loyalty, website traffic and sales with powerful Social Media Marketing services from a successful India Social Media Marketing company.