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Augmented Reality Development

Augmented Reality

We are a bunch of dynamic, augmented reality app developers!What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality (AR) is an innovative technology which allows our real world to be enhanced (or “augmented”) with the digital world. AR enables devices such as computers or smartphones to use their cameras to locate and identify specially designed AR “markers”. When a marker is recognized, the device will project a super-imposed 3D image, sound, and/or video on the device screen which will combine with the “reality” that is being viewed in the real world.

AR is changing the way we visualise things

AR may be triggered by markers or else may be triggered using “markerless” technology, meaning that pictures or objects may be detected that trigger the AR rather than more standardized markers (QR codes, etc.), for example a face could be detected or items such as a soda can or company logo. Another type of markerless AR can be triggered by geo-location information (via GPS and the device’s compass). For example, a person may view a location through their camera’s viewfinder and will be able see additional information displayed based on their current location (such as distance to a nearby building or landmark).

Augmented Reality Games & Apps Development

Augmented reality graphics and sounds are displayed in real time and can be interactive, and even manipulated by the user depending on the application. AR activated visualizations may contain still images, videos, audio, 3D models, 3D animations and even interactive objects.

Augmented Reality technology aims to enrich the way in which people perceive and interact with information in their surrounding environments. Augmented Reality creates new and exciting marketing channels for businesses to uniquely connect with clients.

Augmented reality apps for augmented reality advertising

We can help you develop customized Augmented Reality software and AR markers which will capture audience attention and engage consumers. We work closely with our clients to design and build unique AR tools so your products are visualized in a memorable and innovative way.

Examples of ways AR include but are not limited to:

•  enhanced printed marketing materials
•  interactive instructional manuals
•  interactive medical visualizations for education, diagnosis,   and record keeping.

Our Experience in AR

Real Estate

View your house in 3D right on the table before the sample house is ready


Augmented Reality based application to study human organs in an interactive manner

Tour & Travel

Scan the landmark and explore choice of places and things to do around you while travelling


AR based training application to learn the process of big machineries in more interactive way


Bring digital form of cloth to the real world, make customizations, save the product and buy


AR based learning application to make education more entertaining, engaging and interactive

Use the Augmented Reality to study Anatomy

  • Place 3D models in the real world from the screen
  • Scan Image and bring the body part in to the real world environment
  • Study muscles with information or virtual assistant

We have created an AR application to study anatomy in an interactive manner. When you use the camera of a device (iPhone, Android phone or iPad) to scan an organ, you will be able to see the digital form or 3D model in the real world environment.

This AR application doesn’t only show you the organ in real world but it also has information along with the virtual assistant who answers and explains the body organ in detail.



We work with the right SDKs for your project depending on the functionality required – 3D tracking, smart glasses support, geolocation etc. Our AR Video game developers are skilled at augmented reality mobile game design using popular tools like ARCore, ARKit, Vuforia, ARToolkit and Wikitude etc. ARKit is Apple’s AR framework for iOS apps and games. It recognizes the environment around you like planes and objects. Objects can be placed in the environment, manipulated and kept track as the iPhone moves. ARCore enables our developers to make AR apps that overlay the user’s view with animated 3D content. ARToolKit on the other hand has open source code which gives complete access to AR libraries. Main benefit of Vuforia is that it has a test app with annotations which shows the Vuforia’s abilities and the support of virtual reality application devices.


We have a team of artists, designers & AR app developers who specialize in creative augmented reality game design and know how to add elements and features to make gameplay as interesting as possible.


With skilled talent, dedicated project management, complete transparency, affordable rates and timely delivery, we rank among the best augmented reality game developers in the industry.

Our Core Technology for AR Development

Why choose Augmented Reality game development :

  • AR technology has huge growth prospects which will be more than VR especially in the game industry.
  • Huge online support & community with regular updates.
  • Well suited for simulation based apps & games.
  • Currently one of the top trends in the gaming space.
  • AR is changing the retail and eCommerce space by giving a touch of virtual usability.
  • AR applications have enabled delivering hands-on learning experiences without even using actual equipment.