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Kipzer offer creative and innovative website designing services in India, USA, Canada and around world . We have a team of highly experienced and talented Web Developers who are prominent in providing Website Design, CMS Web Development, and Ecommerce Store Development services.

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Frontend Web Development

We are a design agency focussed on web development that brings digital experiences to life

Web performance optimisation (WPO)

Fast load times are essential for a good user experience and play a valuable part in SEO, accessibility and reducing website carbon emissions. Our obsession with efficiency can help optimise your load times and increase conversion rates.

Expert Frontend Developers

If you are designing a website or web app, it’s essential that you display key information in a way that is attractive, accessible and intuitive to your users.

We have over a decade of experience building platform, device and browser-neutral website frontends that your users will love, however they access your site.

What is frontend development?

Frontend development is the process of building and maintaining the HTML, CSS and JavaScript code that runs on the client’s browser. Frontend programming is all about creating intuitive and responsive interfaces that display the information your users need clearly and access.

Get to market faster with the right tools

At Kipzer, we have an in-depth knowledge of all the most popular frontend JavaScript development frameworks, including React, Angular, Vue and Polymer.

Prebuilt components reduce the amount of code we need to write from scratch
Inbuilt security features allow us to build secure applications quicker
Ensure responsive design and high performance across different devices and operating systems

Dedicated user testing and research

We know that in-depth conversations with your users throughout the project are the key to building a great frontend.

  • We conduct extensive quantitative and qualitative research before we build
  • Start testing from day one of the build phase, thanks to our Agile approach
  • Perform seamless collaboration between our frontend developers and the UX/UI team behind the design – either ours or your own.

 Frontend Development Expertise

We design and build beautiful, user-intuitive frontend experiences around your unique business needs.

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10+ years experience

We’ve worked on a huge range of frontend development projects for startups, NGOs and Fortune 500 companies.

End-to-end services

We offer a full range of services including product design, backend development and project management.

Major cost savings

Gain access to experienced frontend developers without an expensive and slow hiring process.

On-demand talent

Thanks to our global network, we scale a specialized team as soon as we’re involved with your project.


The right frontend frameworks

We don’t just build you a brilliant website frontend. We build it fast, so that you can go live and achieve your product goals.
To do this, we use a range of frontend development tools and frameworks that reduce the amount of code we need to write, provide in-built security features and help us achieve true device, platform and browser neutrality.
Amongst others, we specialize in frontend development using the React, Angular, Vue and Polymer frameworks:
React makes testing easy and emphasizes reuse of existing code. When used with React Native, the same JavaScript code can be used to create native iOS, Android and web apps.
Angular speeds up the development process with dependency injection and integrated best practices. It also uses TypeScript in place of raw JavaScript, which extends JS with static typing, classes and interfaces for ease of use.
Vue is a flexible framework which maintains traditional separation between JavaScript and HTML/CSS. Because of this flexibility, it’s easy to integrate Vue into a project gradually, often as a way of adding interactions to a web app.
Polymer has a library written on top of web standards API, making it fast and easy to create HTML elements and turn these into reusable web components.

Responsive design

There are more devices, operating systems, and screen sizes on the market than ever before. Your user base will access your site in a huge variety of ways, and it’s important to cater to that to avoid high churn rates.
This is why we see responsive design as integral to the development process. For every single website we create, our dedicated QA team uses in-depth processes to ensure your website displays well on different devices, screen sizes, operating systems and browsers.
Using tools allows us to test our responsive design comprehensively. We don’t stop until we’re absolutely certain that your front end looks great in a range of different circumstances, providing a fantastic UX for all site visitors.

Continuous testing and research

We test web applications from day one and integrate the results into our development as we go. This ensures we catch issues before they snowball and create bigger hurdles down the line. Ultimately, this saves time and money, and results in better products.
We typically approach our user research and testing activities using the following actions:
Rigorous requirements discovery
In-depth code reviews
Extensive pre-release testing
Close-contact release management
We see frontend development as inseparable from the design stage that comes before it. That’s why everything we create as developers is based on extensive quantitative and qualitative user research beforehand. We can bring in our dedicated UX and UI team for this, or if you have an established team in place we’re happy to work with them too.

Specialized CMS services

Frontend website development isn’t just for external-facing websites. If you plan on managing the content of your website internally, it’s vital that you have a content management system (CMS) that your employees can use quickly and efficiently.
Where off-the-shelf software just won’t cut it, we have extensive expertise in building custom CMS solutions, tailored to the needs of your business. We’ve worked on a variety of projects from media publishing sites to enterprise CMS solutions, and use this knowledge to build a flexible and intuitive CMS for your employees.
We work with a variety of tools and, if you have a specific CMS solution in mind, we’re happy to work around your needs. Alternatively, we can suggest a tool we think will match your requirements; some of our favourites include WordPress, Drupal and Wagtail.


What is frontend web development?

Frontend web development is the process of building and maintaining the client-side architecture of your website.
Frontend development uses HTML, CSS and JavaScript to display the data sent by the backend of your website, in response to a client request. In other words, whilst the backend of a website serves the information users have requested, the frontend makes sure this is displayed well.
A frontend web designer decides how the website interface will look, whilst frontend developers are responsible for building the website – although you may find some crossover between the two roles.

What does a frontend developer do?

A frontend developer is responsible for building and maintaining the HTML, CSS and JavaScript-based code that creates the visual interface of your website.
Frontend programming tools and techniques are constantly evolving. Furthermore, frontend developers now have to make a website or web app display well on a wider range of screen sizes and resolutions than ever before. A large part of a frontend web developer’s job is ensuring that your website displays well across different devices, platforms and browsers.
Good frontend development is essential in long-term user retention. If a website doesn’t display properly on their device, or they can’t easily find the information they are looking for, a user won’t return to your site and you will lose business. Providing a seamless, intuitive user experience, on the other hand, is likely to entice them back.

What is the best frontend language for web development?

At a basic level, there are just three frontend development languages developers use to create websites:
HTML: creates the structure of your web page
CSS: defines the visual style of your web page
JavaScript: allows developers to make websites interactive
As each of these serves a different purpose, there’s no ‘best’ language to use – good frontend development will typically require all three in some capacity.
There are now a number of frontend development frameworks and tools designed to let web developers build your frontend quicker. Frameworks like React and Angular reduce the amount of frontend coding required via pre-built components, whilst JavaScript extensions like TypeScript and Flow extend basic JavaScript with static typing, classes and interfaces.