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Kipzer offer creative and innovative website designing services in India, USA, Canada and around world . We have a team of highly experienced and talented Web Developers who are prominent in providing Website Design, CMS Web Development, and Ecommerce Store Development services.

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UX & Web Design

UI UX Design & Development Services

Kipzer has highly skilled professionals that design tailor-made solutions effectively. We create solutions that are continuously altered based on the industry’s needs and upgraded accordingly.

A user always gets the best interface experience if UX/UI design services are implemented well with strategic planning by integrating with the best UI patterns. Kipzer stands best among other web designing companies by its unique interaction design developments across various domains and entirely concentrates on UX/UI services to build user-friendly layouts.

We offer more than just a UI / UX design services

Kipzer has experience in many areas of UI/UX design. We will find the right style and
solutions to suit contemporary applications and trends.

We follow industry standards and create UI/UX based on design guidelines. UI/UX design services we offer include:

  • Website UI UX Design
  • Software UI UX Design
  • Application UI UX Design
  • Web App UI UX Design

Innovative UX/UI Design and Development Services


Prototyping your website with visual understanding provides clarity about your business goals. Our best prototyping practices enable designers and developers to collaborate to ensure technical feasibility for the best outcome.

Information Architecture Design

Merge the principles of design and architecture with Information Architecture. Our predefined IA process helps you align your user needs with your business goals. Map different stages of IA like block-level diagrams, storyboards, that help you.

User Experience

We do loophole analysis to come up with problems and their possible solutions. Creating a well-defined user persona is the second step. With deep research, we are able to design elements that have high user acceptance which drives the designing process.

User Interface Development

You bring ideas, we put life to them by delivering fully functional UI design solutions. With the right tools, we have a magic wand that transforms your UI experience. With the customer-centric approach and user adaptability, deploy top-level solutions with us.

Usability Testing

This phase gives valuable insights about the product and finds out the flaws if any. Once done with testing and the last iteration to rectify the errors, the product is ready to be developed with real coding. It helps to define what is critical and needs to be emphasized.


Own the success of your website with the help of perfect wireframing services. A flow is set for the user to follow at different stages of the application. Wireframing creates a visual skeleton representation of the idea.

Why Kipzer is the Best for UI/UX Services?

Robust Information Architecture

We at Kipzer offer robust information architecture of an application. We develop the most scalable and robust application that can scale your business to the next level.

Our Top Notch Focus

Our main focus is to develop an application that can beat your competition in the market and achieve all your business goals. We offer a wide array of rapid prototyping services.

24*7 Customer Support

We provide 24*7 customer support and maintenance services even after the delivery of an application. We take care of everything from the beginning of a project till the launch of an application.

Many Years of Experience

Kipzer holds more than 12 years of experience in this industry. We have a team of highly skilled and experienced developers.We offer a wide array of rapid prototyping services.

Creating An Experience That Users Want To Use. Not Just Something Pretty

If you’re a lover of ketchup then you’ll probably appreciate the squeezy bottle over the glass. Even though the glass bottle is more aesthetically pleasing, the squeezy bottle is far more practical and easy to use.
Your website should offer the same ease of use. It should be simple for users to access the information they need, buy the product they want, or make the request they have to.
If your website throws up roadblocks, pain points or frustrations, it is likely that users will leave, or develop a poor view of your brand. 

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Know What Your Users Want So Your Website Doesn’t Fail. An Investment In UX Design Delivers A Solid Return

User experience design is more than just roadmapping page layouts or wireframes. It brings together a deeper understanding of user behaviour and desires, along with data analysis.

If you improve the overall user experience of your website, you will achieve higher conversion rates, users will be more likely to return, and more likely to share their experience with others. 

UX provides a strong return on investment, and reduces the need for regular redevelopment. It removes subjectivity from the website design process, delivering a website based on absolutes, not guesswork.

UX Design FAQ’s

UX is short for User Experience, and UX design is the practice of designing to improve a user experience. In web design, this means designing websites which provide positive and easy user journeys. This in turn improves the likelihood of conversions.

Kipzer estimates that the average time spent on a website is only 15 seconds. So that is all the time you have to sell yourself and encourage visitors to stick around. Users are savvy and If they are met with a poor experience, they will leave and go elsewhere. If they buy a product or service from you, and the process is difficult or awkward, they won’t return.
Usability has become so important that it is even becoming a ranking signal for Google. If your site isn’t simple to use, it won’t rank as well as those that are.

It’s not recommended. UX Design is based upon data and research. It removes the subjectivity from the web design process. Rather than basing a design on visuals only, or what a stakeholder thinks their users want, UX provides what users actually want. This improves performance and reduces the need for future redevelopment due to an underperforming website.

Yes we can. If you’re not ready for a full website redesign, and whether we built your WordPress website or not, we can make UX improvements to your existing website.