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Backend Web Development

Backend Web Development
for robust, reliable applications

A well-built backend will result in a seamless user experience that scales as you grow. A poorly-built backend causes bugs, glitches and potential security issues.

At Kipzer, we have a decade of experience creating backends that not only work flawlessly, but scale reliably as you grow.

What is backend development?

Backend development is the process of building and maintaining a website’s server-side architecture so that it supports the functionality required.

We use Agile methodology and the best backend technologies to create scalable and secure backends that your users can rely on.

Cost and Time Savings

Kipzer is an Agile organization through and through. We work in sprints, which means:

  • You can adapt your requirements as your project progresses, giving you more control.
  • Integrated testing, resulting in a better quality end product.
  • Reduced risk – if one sprint doesn’t go to plan, the rest of the project isn’t affected.

Python and Django

One of our favorite backend coding technologies is the fast, scalable and secure Django framework for Python:

  • Prebuilt components mean that we can get your product to market quicker.
  • Django’s security features offer inbuilt protection from joint SQL injection and forgery attacks.
  • Django is Python-based, making it easier to take advantage of new technologies like AI and advanced analytics.

Outsource to Us

At Kipzer, we’re proud of our team’s ability to adapt to your requirements and build backends that are tailored around your unique business needs.

Major cost savings

Outsourcing gets you access to top developers without a bidding war for talent.

On-demand support

We tap into our network of global developers to get you the talent you need, instantly.

A decade of experience

We have over a decade of experience in backend web development with a huge variety of projects under our belt.

Full-stack expertise

If you need other services, such as product design, frontend development or UX/UI, we have the expertise to help.


Backend web development and backend technologies

There are a range of technologies you can use for backend web development. The ones we choose will depend on your project’s overall goals, what works well with your existing tech stack and the expertise we hold in house.

There are two backend development technologies we gravitate towards in particular. These are:

  • Django: Django backend development allows us to reduce time to market whilst increasing scalability thanks to prebuilt components and inbuilt security features. It also makes accessing the latest AI and data analytics technology easier because it is Python-based.
  • Node.js: Node.js is a runtime environment that allows developers to use JavaScript (traditionally a frontend development language) to build website backends. This means fewer lines of code, reduced time to market and rapid horizontal and vertical scalability thanks to Node.js’ ability to handle a huge number of concurrent connections.

Using Django and Node.js, amongst others, our backend team ensures that your application can scale as your user base grows, whilst remaining compatible with new technologies and meeting current business needs.

We create great experiences across different devices

One of our go-to models for building web app backends is Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).

SOA is an architecture design pattern that uses service interfaces to make your software’s components reusable across different devices. These interfaces can be quickly incorporated into new applications without any need for complex integrations.

This means that we can quickly develop web apps that work seamlessly across a number of different devices. In a world where users expect online applications to work well on everything from desktops to smartwatches, this is essential in building a loyal customer base.

Benefit from custom REST APIs

As part of our backend development services, we create custom REST (or RESTful) APIs for our clients.

These are APIs that are based on REpresentational State Transfer software architecture, and offer a number of benefits when compared to standard APIs. Using REST APIs in our backend development means:

More flexibility, because data isn’t tied to particular resources or methods and can work across different calls and data formats as a result
More scalability, because separation between client and server makes it easier for RESTful APIs to grow with your application
More speed, because REST APIs are fast and lightweight. They don’t need any extra software to run, and are format agnostic.

Refactor existing apps for improved performance

Are you experiencing backend performance issues, but unsure whether a complete rebuild is right for you right now?

If so, you could benefit from our refactoring services. These involve the Tivix backend team looking at your backend code for restructuring and performance improvement opportunities without interfering with frontend components or overall functionality.

If you don’t want to replace your legacy systems, we complete a thorough audit to find key improvement areas. Where needed, we then conduct an extensive backed rewrite to bring these systems up to speed, add extra features and adapt them for current and future business use.


What is backend web development?

Backend web development is the process of building and maintaining the server-side architecture of your website.
A website’s backend consists of a server, an application and a database. Backend web developers create and run these three elements using a variety of programming languages. Right now, some of the most popular backend languages include Python, PHP, Ruby, C#, Swift and JavaScript (via node.js).

What does a backend web developer do?

A backend developer builds, tests, maintains and debugs the entire server side architecture of your website. This includes:
Core application logic
Backend databases
Data and application integration
Some backend developers will specialize in particular areas (for example, API developers) or languages (for example, Python or Java backend developers). Others take a more generalist approach. It all depends on your business needs and how you want to structure your backend team.

What is the difference between backend and frontend development?

Frontend development vs backend development all centers around whether you’re working server side or client side. Backend controls functionality; frontend controls visual visual display.
Backend development involves creating and maintaining the code that allows an application to exchange data between your own servers and a client’s web browser. This allows your website to carry out the functions your customer base visits for.
Frontend scripts run on the client’s web browser (which is why frontend development is also called ‘client-side development’) and control how the data sent by the backend is displayed. Frontend developers use HTML, CSS and JavaScript to create engaging, intuitive interfaces that make your websites and web apps easy to use.

How to hire a backend web developer?

You can hire backend web developers in-house, just like you would any other position. Bear in mind, however, that backend developers of all kinds are in major demand right now. You’ll need to offer high salaries and attractive perks to reel in the top talent.
An alternative way of getting the backend development talent you need is to outsource to a software development agency like Tivix. This saves you the time and expense of hiring backend developers full time – our global network of talent to find professionals can start working on your project right away.