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Local SEO

What Is Local SEO?

Small and Medium sized businesses rely on local consumers for revenue and fiscal foundation. Similarly, franchises and stores that have multiple locations also require customized services and marketing, based on the specific geographical locations. This is where a local SEO steps in.

Local SEO is an optimization service technique that helps your business to ‘take root’ in any given geographical area through various channels like Google My Business, listings in local directories, Google search ‘near me’ maps and targeted keywords like city and locality names as meta data. It helps in local online reputation building, increased website traffic and conversion rate, better local Google search rankings and even a reduction in advertisement costs.

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Best Local SEO Services Offered By Us

An SEO Audit of your website, looking through a local lens, is done by our professionals extensively. It includes fixing accessibility bugs, checking your ranking and enhancing it by tweaking strategies and analyzing your website’s reviews and landing page to elevate your listings.

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Location Specific Landing Pages

Every location is unique, with its set of web requirements and optimization demands. Our affordable local SEO services create location-specific landing pages for each geographical store for your business, along with providing on-page optimization services like putting each location up individually on Google Maps, location specific unique CTA buttons, social media widgets and meta data and keywords so that all location-related searches rank your website higher

Review Management

Reviews are the backbone of any local business. Your online reputation hinges on your good reviews and feedback. Our local SEO services consultants manage your reviews for each location, streamlining them into a coercive whole that represents the speciality of your product/services. Our local SEO team completes your location-specific webpage by garnering reviews from happy clients, announcing to Google that your business deserves a top spot in the local search results page various links to be found frequently in your.

Duplicate Listings

Listings, especially local listings, are really good for any business to increase conversion rates. But a problem that most people face is the duplicity in listings. Our local SEO marketing company is disciplined to weed out such bugs from your online presence so that it doesn’t affect your reputation. At times, it helps to put up your local online store to as many online directories as possible. Our SEO experts assess the requirement and accordingly spread out your business’ credentials across.




The first step! This tool is free from Google but it allows you to manage your Google Maps listing, panel of products/services, business profile, reviews and much more. Kipzer has lasting effects on credibility and therefore authority when it comes to digital domains.


Your website must be optimised in accordance with your local SEO strategy. Not only that, any listing or directory linked to your business must have the same basic information. We will SEO optimise your website, implement your local SEO strategy..


We will audit your site and optimise your website and its pages to maximise search engine visibility. This includes Meta tags, schema, featured snippets, image optimisation, keyword optimisation, internal linking and much more – we do it all.


Our SEO Services includes all remits of off-page SEO including conducting SEO audits, continuously monitoring and strengthening your backlink profile, optimizing your local SEO efforts, and building branded mentions on relevant and authoritative websites.


Quite easily put if Google can see your business across multiple spaces online then trust is built. Consistency in information, messaging and output via many local resources will mean your business ranks and becomes reputable. Atomic will build a whole host of reputable citations that link to your business, mirror its information and get you ranking!

When you consider what support a good local business has, it is usually a strong brand or reputation within its location offline, people referring to and talking about your business as result of a conversation being had. This is no different, we help identify and explore opportunity to build links and rapport with other local businesses/institutions so people are talking about your company ‘online’ too.


As a full-service Digital Marketing Agency, we know a thing or two about SEO and Web Development. As such, we provide our Website Performance Optimisation services across WordPress, Shopify, Webflow and even 100% custom developed websites with the sole aim of increasing your Google PageSpeed Optimisation.


Your website must be optimised in accordance with your local SEO strategy. Not only that, any listing or directory linked to your business must have the same basic information. We will SEO optimise your website, implement your local SEO strategy and ensure all internal & external facets of this strategy work in unison.


What is search engine optimization (SEO)?

SEO is how you get listed in the modern phonebook: Page 1 of Google and Bing. Instead of being based on alphabetical order, it’s based on whose website and web presence does the most things search engines like Google care about.

What is SEO not?

SEO is not something you pay someone to take care of technically behind the scenes without your involvement as a business owner or marketer. SEO is a process that needs to be integrated into all your marketing, writing, publishing, and customer targeting activities.

Why is SEO important for small businesses?

Because it can send you qualified leads who are ready to buy your products or services, often the same day they search. You can see below the average percent of clicks for each position on Google.

Do certain companies need SEO more?

Yes! Generally B2C companies who need to make lots of individual, point-in-time sales like plumbers, roofers, real estate agents, salons, used car lots, etc.
For someone like an executive business coach who needs to reach 10-20 CEOs in the region, LinkedIn would probably be a better tool than blogging and hoping these 20 people came to his website after doing a search.

How do I know if I need SEO?

When the keyword research shows hundreds of people are searching locally every month for what you sell and you’re not appearing at the top of page 1.
Note, you need to check your SEO with a private browsing window to clear out everything Google knows about you based on your search history, gmail, and location.